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Rhino quickly develop designs and accurately model and document them ,communication ready, for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, to everyone in the product research, development, marketing, manufacturing or construction process.
Rhino Commercial Product NURBS
Upgrades from previous versions of Rhino, Flamingo, Bongo, Penguin or Brazil. Ecucational users qualify to upgrade from any EDU version to current commercial.
Rhino Commercial Product Upgrades
Special Rhino Bundles allow for quick design and accurate models ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, or analysis. Save money while you design, model, present, analyze and realize. If you need a special bundle, call us for best price.
Rhino Product Bundles - Best Price
At McNeel, the goal is to provide students and educators a powerful 3‑D tool for exploring, developing, and communicating ideas and designs. The software is only part of what makes Rhino that tool.
A Rhino School kit includes a bundle of a Rhino Lab license and a set of Educational single-user licenses at a special price allowing for easy training of next generation designers, modelers, and animators.
Curves, Gumballs, Precision and inspection modeling, Layers, Surfaces, Solids, Meshes, Dimensions and annotations, Layouts and print, Render, lights, materials, textures, the ground plane, the environment, and the sun PLUS a 3-D library of 3DM blocks.
Rhino 3D Plugins and Addons
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